Fab FRAGRANT Freesias and Friends!

Freesia 'Single Pink'
Freesia 'Single Pink'

Freesia 'Single Pink'

Freesia 'Single Blue'
Freesia 'Single Bicolor'

Freesia 'Single Blue' (variant 1)

Freesia 'Single Yellow'
Freesia 'Single Blue'

Freesia 'Single Blue' (variant 2)

Breathe deeeeeeply!
Don't be surprised if neighbors follow their noses to your garden,
wondering where that delicious fragrance is coming from!

Whoo-whee are we excited to share these fantastic new Freesias with you! We were positively blown away by their vigor, extended bloom and (yes, we'll say it again) outstanding fragrance in our bulb trials last year. Masses of EXTRA LARGE 2" bodacious blooms appear on branching stems held well above the fresh green sword shaped leaves in Spring. Easy-as-pie to grow, DEER RESISTANT and low-maintenance, just give them very good drainage. They'll spread naturally for a bigger and better show each year – or plant them in a container where you can control the drainage. All bulbs are in active growth in 4" pots when we ship them (unless noted), ensuring they're alive and thriving, ready to be planted when they get to you!

Quantities are limited and we expect these lovelies to sell quickly.
Be an early bird for best selection!

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And shhhhh ... we have EVEN MORE varieties in the nursery that are extra limited or so brandy new, they're not even on the website yet. Come see!

Freesia alba
Freesia leichtlinii

Freesia alba
BONUS! Not a hybrid, but an heirloom species Freesia (1878) that is a parent to many of the modern hybrids. So SIMPLE to grow, it's a prolific bloomer with masses of 1" white flowers in Spring. Hardy USDA zone 8.

Freesia leichtlinii
DOUBLE BONUS! The original and most fragrant Freesia species! This is our first crop in years due to seed scarcity! Wonderfully strong-scented with bright yellow markings on the three lower petals.
Grab one fast!

And ... and ... even More Magnificent
Mediterranean Climate Bulbs!

You'll only get ONE CHANCE to nab these beauties this year!

Ferraria schaeferi ‘Dark Chocolate’ Habranthus martinezii 
“Rain Lily” Ferraria crispa “Spider Iris”

Ferraria schaeferi
‘Dark Chocolate’

If you like freaky plants AND dessert, this is your new holy grail. Deep chocolaty maroon with a creamy white center, the edges are ruffled in milk chocolate. Yum!

Habranthus martinezii
“Rain Lily”

An easy to grow relative of Amaryllis, this spicy bulb boasts trumpety masses of soft pink blooms with striking golden anthers and sweet grassy foliage!

Ferraria crispa “Spider Iris”
Looking like something from under the sea, this robust and fragrant (some say vanilla, some say skunky) Ferraria ranges in
color from chocolatey brown to creamy green and blue.

Ixia hybrid ‘Buttercup’ Gladiolus carneus “Painted Lady” Ixia hybrid 'Giant' 
"Twinkle Toes"

Ixia hybrid

Luminous, buttery yellow blooms on tall, sturdy stems to 2'
brighten any garden with practically no effort! EASY and carefree, this versatile S. African bulb is great in rock, cottage or dry gardens.

Gladiolus carneus
"Painted Lady"

A species Glad to die for! Soft pink blooms with a crimson flash at the throat are beautiful massed.
Long blooming, and so much more graceful and elegant than their overblown modern hybrids.

Ixia hybrid 'Giant' 
"Twinkle Toes"

Wonderfully easy, reliable and a delight to grow, cherry-eyed white blooms on multiple graceful stems sway with the slightest breeze. Multiplies each year to form an elegant clump and may self-sow.

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