Make Room for Shrooms!
Learn how to grow delicious mushrooms in your own
home garden with Theresa Halula,
Sat. February 11 at 11 am!

Mushroom Workshop!

Join us for a fun and TOTALLY FREE Mushroom Workshop with horticulturist, permaculture designer and mushroom maven Theresa Halula on Saturday, February 11 at 11 am!

Come discover the fascinating world of fungi - and the important role mushrooms play in our environment! At this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to grow easily recognizable mushrooms in the home garden using methods that are fool-proof even for the novice. Best of all, you don't have to worry about their edibility!

As a wonderful bonus, Theresa will provide the materials you'll need to grow mushrooms on cardboard that can be transplanted into your own garden in a wood-chip bed or onto wood logs. So come on down and bring your questions! She's got answers plus an easy-to-follow handout explaining how to keep your mushrooms going strong once you take them home!

There's Still Time to Plant Outrageous
Delphiniums for Spring Bloom!

Here at the nursery, we're still madly planting up mighty and magnificent Delphiniums in our gardens and half barrel containers for April and May bloom - and you can, too!

We're long-time devotees of these hardy and hunky heartthrobs for their celestial and enlivening color, their bodacious cut flowers and their endurance in the garden. Some modern hybrids (which shall remain nameless) are short lived and weak in mild climates – not these! Bred for superior vigor and performance by the Dowdeswell family of New Zealand, these reliably perennial and multi-spiking jumbo Delphs only get bigger and better every year, sending up more and more simultaneous spikes, easily reaching 4-6' tall and 4' across. Plus, they're mildew resistant, even here in the fog belt. Deer don't care for them either. Hardy to USDA zone 3 and fairly heat tolerant (just be sure to give them afternoon shade where temps get over 90°+F), almost everyone can get a little bit of garden love with these gentle giants.

Delphinium elatum ‘Dusky Maidens’
Pixie, Prince of Sample Pots, and 'Dusky Maidens'

Here's the trick to towering success: grow Delphiniums in rich soil with plenty of compost. When flower spikes look spent, cut them back to 4” and you’ll get another round of bloom. Don't forget to bait for snails when young! Then, voila! Your hard work will pay off with outrageous blooms and dramatic garden verticality come Spring!

Delphinium elatum
'Cobalt Dreams' Delphinium elatum 'Cobalt Dreams'

Delphinium elatum
'Cobalt Dreams'

A new and IMPROVED version of our favorite true-blue Delph 'Royal Aspirations' – 'Cobalt Dreams' give us massive, reliably royal blue flower spikes to 6' tall on a burly 6' x 4' plant that you don't have to worry about staking. Swoon! Sumptuous cut flowers you’d pay big bucks for at the florist’s.
Deer resistant!

Delphinium elatum ‘Dusky Maidens’ Delphinium elatum
'Sunny Skies' Delphinium elatum 'Purple Passion'

Delphinium elatum
‘Dusky Maidens’

Unsurpassable in the big and tall dept. (see top photo with Pixie!) scrumptious, EXTRA LARGE, mulberry colored blooms with dark, fuzzy “bees” form 4’+ spikes on strong stems. Winner!

Delphinium elatum
'Blue Lace'

Sky blue flowers with lively lavender centers make this instant classic one of our favorite Springtime color combos! Bloom repeatedly Summer to Fall (with deadheading),

Delphinium elatum
'Purple Passion'

One of the newest varieties of jumbos, you'll love this electric purple Delph and all the color-coordinated possibilities!Pair with pinks and blues - or get funky and grow with oranges and yellows!

Delphinium parryi ssp. parryi "Parry’s Larkspur"
Delphinium parryi ssp. parryi "Parry’s Larkspur"

One Crop Wonder!
Delphinium parryi ssp. parryi "Parry’s Larkspur"
Here's your special opportunity to nab one of our rarest and most exciting new finds for 2017!

We're excited to bring you this super rare CA native Delphinium, found from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Southern California. Seen above growing in a grassy meadow in Pinnacles National Park – it's a feather in the cap of any gardener! Easy to grow in sun to part shade and moderate, well-draining soil, its adored by hummingbirds and perfect for feeding native bees! Drought tolerant once established.

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