Hardy Annuals are EASY!

WATCH: Planting Hardy Annuals from Annie's Annuals and Perennials

We HEART Hardy Annuals!

We're planting our hardy annuals right now. With their lust for life, these frost-tolerant toughies pooh-pooh our cool, wet Winter weather, sending their roots far and wide and building momentum for a spectacular bloom-at-the-same-time garden extravaganza come April. They're some of the showiest bloomers in all of the gardening world – blooming their hearts out all Spring long if you plant them when they're young and deadhead faded blooms once they start blooming.

And the best part? Our open-pollinated plants are never treated with growth regulators and self-sow for successive generations of FREE PLANTS! Woo-hoo! Get them in the ground no later than mid-February and you'll be rewarded with a glorious garden and armloads of cut flowers, just when all your neighbors are heading to the garden centers!


Our favorite hardy annuals are ready!

Anchusa capensis 'Blue Angel' Linaria reticulata 
'Flamenco' Agrostemma githago 

Anchusa capensis
'Blue Angel'

A small-scale beauty with true-blue blooms that bring BIG drama and striking contrast to containers and the front of your Spring garden. Quickly smothers itself in that gorgeous blue and self-sows, too. Everyone wins!

Linaria reticulata

One of the very first flowers we started growing here at Annie's, 'Flamenco' continues to thrill gardeners to this very day. Flamboyant, superbloomy and scented, it NEVER goes out of style! Self-sows!

Agrostemma githago
Annie's most favorite cottage garden charmer, producing a hundred or more 2" satiny rose blooms on slender, upright stems. We love it so much, you'll see it in bloom year-round here at the nursery. Self-sows for free plants!

Malcolmia maritima
 "Virginia Stock" Orlaya grandiflora "
Minoan Lace” Antirrhinum majus 'Chantilly Bronze'

Malcolmia maritima
"Virginia Stock"

Easy-as-pie and sweetly scented, the color coordinated lavender, rose and white phlox-like flowers create a delightful 10” x 16” mound in your Spring gardens. Indispensable as a fast-growing filler and spiller!

Orlaya grandiflora
“Minoan Lace”

Lovely, pure white lace-cap blooms on a sturdy, branchy plant make this a tough, easy, fast and fun annual for Spring and beyond! Fills in bare spots beautifully, makes incredible and long-lasting cut flowers!

Antirrhinum majus
'Chantilly Bronze'

Ohhh Snap! Growing to a proper 2-3' tall, you'll find this easy beauty blooming in our gardens almost year-round. Harmonizes well with everything - and tres romantique with Orlaya grandiflora!

Papaver commutatum 
'Ladybird' Echium plantagineum 
'Blue Bedder' Limnanthes douglasii 
“Meadow Foam”
Papaver commutatum
Unbeatable for putting the “pop” in your Spring garden, ‘Ladybird’ is dazzling when massed. Tidy and well-behaved to 15” tall x 18", it bears 15 or more 3” blooms at a time! Combine with “Baby Blue Eyes” and “Meadow Foam”!
Echium plantagineum
'Blue Bedder'
The celestial color and easy-going disposition of this delightful annual Echium makes it our go-to choice paired with Spring pinks and yellows. Super adaptable and tough, just give it good drainage. Self-sows, perfect in pots!
Limnanthes douglasii
Totally easy and long blooming, our California native “Meadow Foam” is blessed with charming, 1", lemony yellow, Narcissus-scented blooms. Low-growing, dense foliage makes a weed-supressing mat. Irresistable paired with California Poppies!

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