Bare-Root Bulb Bonanza!!
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Tulipa saxatilis

Echeveria subrigida
Dracunculus vulgaris "Dragon Lily"

And now for something completely different!

What we have here, friends, is an opportunity to try some of our wild and wonderful Mediterranean climate garden bulbs as easy-to-plant-now bare-root bulbs.

Normally, we would pot these babies up (one bulb per pot), let them hang out in the nursery and grow big, fat roots and then offer them to you as 4" plants come Spring. But this year, instead of waiting, you can plant these bulbs now and let them directly root into your garden and containers – no muss, no fuss! Plus, you'll cover more ground with 3 to 10 bare-root bulbs per bag (depending on variety) at a super value AND most of them will multiply to provide you with more and more beautiful blooms each successive year!

So buy now and get a jump on the season! Attractively packaged for gifting, they make excellent stocking stuffers for you early-bird holiday shoppers! Order now, quantities limited!

Beautiful Bare-Root Booty!

Leucocoryne 'Andes' Freesia alba

Leucocoryne 'Andes' - 10 bulbs/bag
Sumptuously fragrant, this bi-color bulb from South Africa boasts 1-2" lilac blooms in Spring with a burgundy-magenta center and chartreuse throat.
Hardy to USDA zone 8. Perfect in a container with good drainage.

Freesia alba - 3 bulbs/bag
Exquisitely fragrant! This heirloom South African species (1878) is a parent to many of the modern hybrids. So SIMPLE to grow, it's a prolific bloomer with masses of 1" white flowers in Spring. Hardy USDA zone 8.

Gladiolus communis byzantinus Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola'

Gladiolus communis byzantinus
10 bulbs/bag

A hardy species Glad that brings easy cheer to the Spring garden with multiple spikes loaded with large, open-throated magenta blooms. Multiplies easily, native to Spain and North Africa. Hardy USDA zone 5.

Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola'
10 bulbs/bag
THRIVING IN HEAVY SOIL, sun or shade, needing no Summer water and happy as a clam under oaks, you can “plant and forget” this CA native bulb! Especially nice in rock gardens and wild gardens. USDA zone 7.

Tulipa saxatilis Lilium regale “Regal Lily”

Tulipa saxatilis - 5 bulbs/bag
A GORGEOUS and RELIABLY PERENNIAL SPECIES TULIP even in warm Winter areas! This beautiful wildflower from Crete is long-lived and self-propagating, forming a small colony over time. 3-4" flowers on a 12" tall plant. Hardy to USDA zone 5!

Lilium regale “Regal Lily” - 1 bulb/bag
The ultimate Lily to know and grow! Discovered in the early 1900s, this “Regal Lily” produces HUGE 6” yellow throated, ruby backed flowers atop multiple stalks towering 5-8’ over the garden! Bigger and better every year! Hardy to USDA zone 3.

Allium schubertii Dracunculus vulgaris "Dragon Lily"

Allium schubertii
2 bulbs/bag
Absolutely MASSIVE flower heads, 1' across, look like giant pink sparklers!
Easy to grow, tough and extremely ornamental, this heirloom bulb produces a single, sturdy flower stalk 1-2’ tall in late Spring/early Summer. Hardy to USDA zone 5.

Dracunculus vulgaris "Dragon Lily"
1 bulb/bag

Wicked drama! We bring you this easy-to-grow, diabolically dark burgundy “Dragon Lily”! Near black, velvety blooms reach 2' long atop a 4-6' tall trunk! Unpleasantly scented to attract pollinating flies, but just for a day or two. Hardy to USDA zone 7.

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