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The upstanding backbone of every good garden!

Rosa ‘Grandmother’s Hat’ lookin' large and in charge in the nursery beds

Great news rose lovers! Here's your chance to grab some of our FAVORITE long-blooming, garden-thrilling, hardy and heart-meltingly beautiful varieties!

In just the last year, we've figured out how to successfully grow small crops of our favorite, hard to find own-root roses. These are the most desirable, tried-and-true varieties we've grown for years here at the nursery. The ones that give backbone to our display gardens and photos and harmonize so beautifully with all of our annuals and perennials.

Mostly, we've offered these limited beauties in gallon containers here at the mothership in Richmond. But over the last few months, we've been able to build up enough stock to offer a hearty selection in 4" containers to our mailorder division as well!

We think it's extremely economical and sensible to grow roses from 4" because they're the perfect size for planting right now! We think you'll find 4" plants transplant just as easily and grow just as fast as planting from gallons. So, have at 'em mailorder mavens and act fast: some varieties are limited! And YES, we do have all of these lovelies (and shhhh – a few more!) available in gallons at the nursery, too!

Rosa ‘Grandmother’s Hat’
Rosa ‘Grandmother’s Hat’

Rosa ‘Grandmother’s Hat’
Hats off to our propagators
for growing us our first big crop of this wildly-popular and almost-impossible to find hybrid rose! First discovered in an abandoned garden in San Jose by Barbara Worl, it's everything you want a rose to be – vigorous and easy to grow, heat and drought tolerant, disease resistant and floriferous in the extreme! One of the few to bloom as early as February and keep going intermittently all the way to Fall, its scent is rich and spicy. An absolute MUST-HAVE rose in our book –and now – finally, you can have one!

Rosa 'Golden Celebration'
 'Golden Celebration'

Rosa 'Golden Celebration'
The GOLD STANDARD of roses
and an absolute nursery favorite! Massive clusters of 5" super-double cupped blooms
open a bright cheerful yellow come Mother's Day and keep going all the way to Fall on this exceptional David Austin shrub rose! Exuding a heavenly tea rose scent, it forms an attractive dense shrub to 4’ tall and wide with gently arching branches.

Rosa chinensis 'Mutabilis'
Rosa ‘Felicia

Rosa chinensis 'Mutabilis'
Evergreen and ever-blooming in warm climates, this gorgeous China rose produces abundant color-shifting single flowers – vivid orange in bud, yellow upon opening and a deep rosy-red before producing showy orange hips. Stunning in full bloom with all colors represented! Disease and drought resistant!

Rosa 'Felicia'
Blooming her head off at our entryway for the past 10 years, lovely Felicia enjoys a league of admirers here at the nursery. Almost ever-blooming, strongly fragrant and completely disease free (even here in the foggy Bay area). A fast, repeat bloomer, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her out of bloom.

Rosa 'Robin Hood'
 'Phyllis Bide'

Rosa 'Robin Hood'
Disease resistant, tolerant of poor soil, drought and neglect, 'Robin Hood' presents a non-stop profusion of semi-double fuchsia blooms with sparkling golden anthers. Forms a relaxed shrub to 8’ high and wide. Excellent choice for a carefree hedge or border!

Rosa 'Phyllis Bide'
A gorgeous old-fashioned rambling rose blooming SPRING THRU FALL! Perfect for festooning a fence or trellis, graceful sprays of ruffley double blooms open a vivid salmon pink then fade to white with a pink blush. Fast to grow and bloom!

Rosa ‘Cornelia’
'Carefree Delight'

Rosa ‘Cornelia’
Delicately beautiful
and supremely easy, this hybrid musk does exceptionally well along the CA coast – well tolerating fog and half day sun. Blooms impressively in Spring with large, fragrant clusters on thornless canes, repeating often thru Fall.
Disease resistant!

Rosa 'Carefree Delight'
on a highly DISEASE RESISTANT shrub make this our go-to hardy rose! To 5’x5’ with pretty glossy foliage & graceful arching canes. Evergreen in mild climates. Not fussy about soil, hardy to USDA zone 4. Drought and deer resistant!

Rosa 'Cecile Bruner' "Sweetheart Rose"
Rosa ‘Lyda’

Rosa 'Climbing Cecile Bruner'
The poster child for cottage-garden roses! Nearly thornless branches romp and ramble up trellises, and fences – easily reaching 20’ tall. In Spring, perfectly pink fragrant blooms emerge in outrageous abundance – continuing right thru Winter in frost-free climates! Disease, pest and drought resistant!

Rosa ‘Lyda’
Nothing quite thrills us like the showstopping flowerfest that is 'Lyda' in bloom. Positively enormous clusters of pale pink 2" blooms with a halo of darker pink on the edges and a dazzling boss of yellow stamens smother this SHADE TOLERANT shrub.

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