Backyard Bounty Show and Tell
with Edible Landscaping Pioneer Rosalind Creasy
on Saturday, September 17 at 11 am!

Photos courtesy Marianne Dresser

A pioneer in the field of edible landscaping, Ros has been gardening at the intersection of ornamental and edible for over 40 years!

Come celebrate the fruits of your labor with edible landscaping guru and passionate vegetable gardener Ros Creasy on Saturday, September 17 at 11 am!

Funny, engaging and vastly knowledgeable, Ros wrote the book on edible landscaping (literally) 35 years ago! She'll be sharing some of her Summer garden’s most delicious offerings and discussing her favorite Fall and Winter crops to plant now during this fun and informational talk.

With more than 15 books on edibles, Ros will sign copies of “Edible Landscaping” after the talk. Bring your questions and join in the fun!

Edible Landscaping by Rosalind Creasy

Plant Your Winter Veggies Now!
So many of our staple Winter crops need to be planted early (September and early October) in order to grow strong before the days become short and cool. Plant now and READ MORE ABOUT WINTER VEGGIE GARDENING on our BLOG!

Kale ‘Redbor’ Chard ‘Magenta Sunset’  Cabbage 

Kale ‘Redbor’
Vibrant, dark purple foliage October–April makes this a great foliar accent in the garden, even if you don't intend to eat it! Pick leaves when young for steaming or sautéing in your favorite dish. Flavors sweeten with

Chard ‘Magenta Sunset’ 
One of the most productive and reliable of greens, this magnificent magenta “clip and come again” perennial is a delicious addition to salads – or steam the leaves and use as you would Spinach.


A petite cabbage for your petite cabbage patch – ‘Pixie’ is a compact, early variety suited for small spaces and containers. Sweet flavor perfect for slaws and krauts!

Onion “Egyptian Walking Onion” Fragaria x ananassa 'Elan' Mustard 'Ruby Streaks'

Onion “Egyptian Walking Onion”
This funny onion literally walks, just in slow-mo. Bulbils form atop every blooming stalk and if left, will drop and multiply. Or harvest for their spicy flavor!

Fragaria x ananassa 'Elan'
Prolific and delicious, this new gourmet Dutch hybrid strawberry boasts extra sweet flavor thanks to high sugar levels and 30-50% more vitamin C! Beautiful in a hanging basket or container.

Mustard 'Ruby Streaks'
Beautiful in the garden as well as on the plate! Finely cut, deepest black foliage with crisp green ribs is mild in flavor and not at all bitter. Makes a beautiful salad or stir fry.

Achillea ageratum 
‘Moonwalker’ Beta vulgaris ‘Chioggia’ 
“Beet” Kale ‘Dinosaur’

Broccoli ‘Apollo’ 
What do you get when you cross Calabrese broccoli with Chinese Gai Lan? Broccolinis/brokalis with exceptionally sweet and tender sprouts! Produces an immense amount of side shoots over a long period.

Beta vulgaris ‘Chioggia’

We've got the beet!
The perfect beet for people who don't like beets that is. A sugar content of 18% makes this heirloom sweetie delicious no matter how you pickle, roast or slice it.

Kale ‘Dinosaur’
The T-Rex of Kales! Full of powerful antioxidants and tons of vitamins and minerals, this flavorful heirloom features textural leaves that look like dinosaur skin. Can be harvested throughout the season.

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