See the Light! Using Light
for Flower Photography
FREE photography workshop with award-winning garden photographer Saxon Holt on Sat. August 20 at 11 am!

Photography mavens –
this one's for you

Join us at the nursery on Saturday, August 20 at 11 am for an exciting chance to learn valuable photography tips from Saxon Holt – one of the most respected and talented photographers in the garden world.

Whether you shoot with a mega-pixel SLR or a smartphone, you'll get insight and tools you can use right away to take your garden photography to the next level as Saxon shares some of the principles from the latest installment of his wildly popular e-book series "Good Garden Photography".

Good Garden Photography Saxon Holt

Over the course of his 30+ year career as a garden photographer, Saxon has been on countless assignments to some of the most incredible gardens in the world. His photos seek the "story" that each garden holds with consideration for composition, color and shapes.

BRING YOUR CAMERAS! You're invited to bring your camera for a mini-photo session in our gardens and a chance to learn some of Saxon's techniques of the trade – including combining shapes, flower combinations, and shooting in bright light! Incredible fun that you’d normally pay big bucks for in a formal workshop! Don't miss it!

This week's photogenic garden wonders!
Passiflora hybrid 'Susan Brigham' Agave
'Blue Glow'

Passiflora hybrid 'Susan Brigham'
Ridiculously easy and rewarding! Blooming Summer thru Fall, this fast-growing vine is a fantabulous Gulf Fritillary Butterfly host plant. Bright orange butterfly on 6" wide bold magenta flowers? Yes, please!

Agave 'Blue Glow'
Pure architectural elegance! Perfectly aligned and fully erect blue-green leaves are boldly highlighted in brilliant fiery hues. Forming a solitary 2'x3' rosette, it's a fantastic statement plant for the dry garden. Super designery!
Iochroma cyanea 'Royal Blue' Digiplexis ‘Illumination Flame’
Iochroma cyanea 'Royal Blue'
Totally tropicalesque and practically EVERBLOOMING, this fast-growing (to 8') Brugmansia relative brings flowerful height to a partly shady garden with clusters of deep purple 3" trumpets. Hummingbird heaven! Hardy to USDA zone 8!

Digiplexis ‘Illumination Flame’
Prepare to be wooed! Huge Fuchsia pink bloom spikes set off by spotted golden throats appear non-stop on this easy-to-grow cross between Digitalis purpurea and Isoplexis canariensis. Adaptable from full-sun to bright shade. Hardy to USDA zone 8!

Gomphrena globosa 
‘Fireworks’ Begonia 
Gomphrena globosa ‘Fireworks’
Ultra-glowy, hot-pink sparkler-esque flower clusters bloom in outrageous profusion for months! Low-maintenance and tolerant of pretty much everything - 'Fireworks' will have even the brownest of thumbs humming the 1812 Overture from Summer thru Fall!
Begonia 'Escargot'
So cool it doesn't seem real! We're thrilled to offer a rare second crop of this curiously curlicued silver and green leaved Begonia! Stunning in containers or a shady garden bed, it performs beautifully in humid areas. Just give it good drainage and avoid overwatering!
Buddleja davidii Ellens Blue Dianthus Chomley Farran
Buddleja davidii 'Ellen's Blue'
Vibrant violet-blue flower spikes are studded with brilliant red-orange eyes. Grows to a modest and manageable 5-6' tall. So easy to grow and much loved by butterflies! Hardy to USDA zone 5!
Dianthus caryophyllus 'Chomley Farran'
Our favorite "Carnation"! Each petal on its lightly fragrant, 2.5" blooms is splattered with brilliant streaks of magenta and metallic purple. To see it is to love it! Hardy to USDA zone 6!

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