Dudleya Power!
Life on the EDGE with our favorite CA native succulent!

Like sugar-coated sea anemones, our California native Dudleyas are a delightful and unmistakable sight all along the California coastline, where they tenaciously cling to rocky outcroppings and ledges. Tough enough to roll with the punches of ocean-side dwelling, they make life on a cliff face look both easy and awesome. They're also incredibly adaptable, living long and prospering in the garden, where their splendid geometry and spectacular stems and blooms bring drought tolerant drama wherever they're planted. Plus, they're deer resistant and reliably loved by our native hummingbirds. So sweet!

How best to grow Dudleyas?

Well, there’s a reason they’re known by the common name “Liveforevers” – Dudleyas thrive on neglect and live, while not literally forever, pretty darn close.

They love and require well-drained soil, so primo locations include the edge of the garden bed, rockeries, well drained slopes, or in a container. In general, LESS water is more, as stress brings out their natural, beautiful dustiness and rosy color. A drink every two weeks during the driest part of the year should do it. Inlanders should grow Dudleyas in part shade, as these coastal cuties will sunburn where it’s hotter.

Dudleya brittonii with Oxalis squamata

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Dudleya pulverulenta “Chalk Liveforever” Dudleya pulverulenta “Chalk Liveforever”
Dudleya pulverulenta “Chalk Liveforever”
Long-lived and happy with neglect, our beloved giant CA native “Liveforever” makes a startling succulent statement with its ghostly white leaves in an elegant 2' rosette. Stunning, red bell-shaped flowers appear on long, powdery white stalks in Summer, much to the delight of the hummingbirds! Good drainage and water 2-3 times a month for best appearance! Hardy to USDA zone 8.
Dudleya hassei 
“Catalina Island Liveforever” Dudleya brittonii 
“Giant Chalk Dudleya”
Dudleya hassei  
“Catalina Island Liveforever”
Mesmerizing narrow leaves in a fabulously bunched 6"x18" wide rosette give the appearance of an undulating sea creature. Native to the cliffs of Catalina Island, its grey chalky leaves develop gorgeous pink tips with low water and full sun. White flowers with yellow centers in Spring.
Dudleya brittonii 
“Giant Chalk Dudleya”

Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Massive, chalky white rosettes to 18" across make this THE MOST STUNNING Dudleya of the genus! Arching, red stems in Summer hold yellow, urn-shaped blooms loved by hummers. Best appearance with only monthly water in Summer. Hardy to 15º F. Easy and amazing in a container!
Dudleya caespitosa Dudleya farinosa
 “Powdery Liveforever” Dudleya farinosa
 “Powdery Liveforever”
Dudleya caespitosa
Frosty grey-green rosettes tipped in pink erupt in long-lasting orangey-yellow blooms Spring thru Summer. Native to the coast from LA to Monterey, give it good drainage and some sun (afternoon shade inland). Pups to form a nice clump!
Dudleya farinosa
“Powdery Liveforever”

Beautiful rosettes display a rainbow of color, with powdery blue centers shifting to pink or red under the right low-water conditions. Clusters of vivid yellow urn-shaped blooms May to Sept. Native to San Francisco!
Dudleya palmeri Dudleya palmeri
Dudleya palmeri
Extremely rare in cultivation, this Monterey to LA county native sports candy-striped rosy-tangerine blooms – up to 30 per cluster – that burst out May thru July atop sturdy, rosy-pink stems studded with mauve-rose leaves. Fresh green 6-8” "pupping" rosettes.


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