Phacelia grandiflora
“Large Flowered Phacelia”

Phacelia grandiflora“Large Flowered Phacelia” Phacelia grandiflora “Large Flowered Phacelia”

Who doesn’t love watching the ungainly antics of bumblebees or finding them asleep on your flowers? Soo cute! Well, this lovely annual native to Alameda County & Southern California, may be the #1 bumble bee magnet, seducing our fuzzy friends from near & far with its abundant stores of pollen & nectar. Exceptionally pretty, grape-candy scented, 1.5-2” intri­cately marked, lavender-blushed-blue blooms are pre­sented in many-flowered clusters atop upright, branch­ing stems to 3’ tall and 16” across. EASY & fast, just provide decent soil with a bit of compost added for best bee-fest! Self-sows!


*The tiny hairs on Phacelia can cause skin dermatitis for some people so be sure to wear long sleeves & gloves when gardening around them!   

Sun(coast)/Pt. Sun 
Avg. Water 

Annual All Zones