Mentzelia lindleyi
“Blazing Star”

Mentzelia lindleyi “Blazing Star”

One of California’s most admired native annuals & yet so rarely grown! The spectacular bright silky yellow star shaped blooms with yellow centers are 3” across & sweetly scented! They open in the afternoon to reveal a mind boggling tuft of 100 or more extra long stamens. Borne conspicuously on multi-branching stems to 3’ tall, “Blazing Star’s” flowers appear late Spring to early Summer & continue for two months, especially if deadheaded. Heat & drought tolerant once established, it thrives in average to poor well-drained soil. Native to dry, brushy banks in southwestern Alameda County & further south through our coast ranges and so, tolerates heat, drought, wind & low fertility. Also grows well in a pot or garden bed. Its height is variable, 1-3’ tall & 8-12” wide. Hardy to USDA zone 7.


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