Digitalis purpurea

If weird and beautiful is your thing, then we have a plant for you! It starts out looking like a normal “Foxglove” until suddenly one HUGE, 5” wide, outward-facing bowl-shaped flower opens at the top of each 4-5’ tall flowering stem! Grown from seed, so color is variable. For us they’ve mostly come up a bold pinkish-purple speckled in white and maroon, with an occasional plant that comes up pure white. Flowers throughout the Summer, especially with deadheading, making it a fabulous (and unusual!) vertical addition to a dappled shade bed. Though a short-lived perennial or biennial, it is SO worth it just to show this prize off to your friends. Plant in fertile well-drained soil. Popular with bees and hummers but deer will avoid.

Curious Plantsman

Pt. Sun/Brt. Shade
Average Water

USDA zones 4-9