Calceolaria  x herbeohybrida
‘Chilean Gold’

Photo by Karin_b1966

Us old timers will remember delighting over “pocketbook plants” in those cool 1970’s houseplant stores that sadly, no longer exist. (This was before “Box Stores”).  Well “pocketbook plants” have made their return and they are still a delight! Bred from a cross of high elevation central and S. American Calceolarias, they love the cool, mild temps of the Bay Area and much of coastal California. Fast growing, with handsome low rosettes of quilt-y rich green oval shaped leaves, these guys bloom from early Spring to mid-Summer or longer on numerous upright stems of “inflated” 1”  yellow blooms wearing coppery red “bibs”. SO CUTE! Usually grown in a pot (6”-10” across), they prefer rich, well-drained soil. And since they can also be grown as houseplants, they make a cool gift too.


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