Equisetum hyemale
“Rough Rush Horsetail”

Photo courtesy of Tanaka Juuyoh

An excellent way to add an architectural element to a container! Comprised of 3-6’ tall, hollow, 1/3” wide corrugated stems, intersected by black bands which curiously are the plant’s leaves. Semi-aquatic, they can prosper in bog-like conditions, in full sun or part shade, and are so tough they can handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees F! They are terrific planted at the edge of a pond, though they don’t require constant moisture. Makes an excellent vertical ‘curtain’ in front of which can be planted moisture tolerant flowers. If you don’t want it spreading it is best to plant it in a container as it spreads by rhizomes. The cylindrical stems retain large quantities of silica and were used historically to polish metals or sand wood, leading to the common name “Scouring Rush”.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Shade

USDA zones 4-9