Ceanothus maritimus
'Valley Violet'

Photo courtesy of UCD Arboretum & Public Garden

A smaller variety of “California Lilac” first introduced as an ‘Arboretum All-Star’ (UC Davis Arboretum’s top 100 recommended plants) in 2010. Drought tolerant and adaptable, it tops out at 2’ tall and 4’ wide. Small green leathery leaves are followed in Spring by clusters of lightly fragrant, dark-violet flowers that smother the mounding plant for a spectacular floral show. Blooming continues all Summer, attracting a variety of pollinators and wildlife. Though native to coastal bluffs of San Luis Obispo County, this evergreen shrub adapts to coastal and inland environments alike. In hotter areas it will prefer a bit of afternoon shade. This is a great selection for a smaller sunny bed or for use as a low hedge. Its modest size also makes it suitable for a container. Can handle different soils but wants good drainage. Deer resistant.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Part Sun
No Summer Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 8-10