Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi
"Lavender Scallops"

A super special Kalanchoe, native to Madagascar. Known for its unusually stunning scalloped foliage, it’s easy to grow, super low maintenance, and can be grown either as a houseplant or outdoors in mild climates. Salmon-pink bell-shaped bloom clusters attract hummingbirds in Winter and early Spring when little else is abloom! Growing to about 1.5-2’ wide and tall in the garden (or smaller in a pot), it forms a mound of the prettiest 2” oblong dramatically scalloped green to gray-green succulent leaves, colorfully edged in contrasting lavender or occasionally pink. Grow in full sun to bring out the strongest edging color. While it is considered drought tolerant, it will look best with a once weekly drink of water during the Summer. Well-draining soil only! Reduce or stop watering during the Winter. Spreads over time. After it blooms, prune it back to a more upright bushy shape, if desired.

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Sun/Part Shade
Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9b-11