Eriogonum fasciculatum

California Buckwheats are one of the best plants for attracting and nourishing a wide variety of pollinators and this species is one of the showiest. Forming a broad mound 2-3’ high and wide, clusters of cream-colored flowers appear in April and continue well into October. They age first to a delicate pink then to a surprisingly attractive rust color as they dry. This is one plant where you want to leave the dried flowers on the shrub, as the seeds are highly prized by various local birds. While in bloom, flowers will be frequented by bees and butterflies especially. Found on the foothills of central and southern California, it is considered a pioneer plant, capable of surviving and colonizing some of the hottest and driest sites. This is an excellent plant for erosion control and as a bonus will prosper in nearly every kind of soil, including our local clay soils. It is best planted in well-draining soil in full sun. Very drought tolerant once established.

Curious Plantsman

Full Sun
Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 7-10b