‘Candy Apple’

Gorgeous bright green rosettes edged in chocolatey-purple make a stunning low-maintenance groundcover! Individual rosettes reach about 4” across and only 2” tall with innumerable pups shooting out from under its skirts, spreading slowly but reliably to fill in its allotted space. In Summer mature rosettes produce 4” tall flower stems topped by numerous 1” pink blooms that are a bee favorite! Happy growing in anything so long as it has good drainage – garden bed, container, crack in a wall – it doesn’t care! And it needs so little water that it’s fine in even the shallowest container or driest dry garden. Thrives in full sun along the coast, but for hot low-water inland gardens a bit of shade would be welcome for best appearance. Deer resistant.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Brt. Shade
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 4-10