‘Summertime Blues’

This showy bellflower is all about the flowers! Masses of large (2”) nodding bell-shaped flowers appear in late Spring and continue well into early Fall.One of the longest blooming Campanulasand with such pretty, shimmering purple flowers! Similar to the equally lovely C. punctata butnot invasive,this herbaceous cultivar gets to 2’ tall and clumps out to 18” wide. Plants also feature attractive deep burgundy stems and leaves that acquire a dark blush. This isone of the most durable Campanulasand can be divided in the late Fall. Combines well with Geranium Rozanne, taller blue Delphiniums, Penstemons or Salvia patens for creating a bed of eye-catching blues and purples. Deadheading prolongs blooming. Plant in full to partial sun, part shade in the hotter regions, giving plants fertile well-drained soil. Attracts hummers. Deer resistant. Makes an excellent cut flower.

Curious Plantsman

Sun/Pt. Sun

Average Water

USDA zones 4-9