Asarum caudatum
"Wild Ginger"

Photo by J. Brew (Left) & Mt. Rainier National Park (Right)

This California native is one of the toughest, prettiest and hardiest ground covers going. Found in moist shaded forests from British Columbia to northern California, thisevergreen,rhizomatous perennial has become a go-to plant for gardeners seeking a tenacious and lovelygroundcover for shade or part shadelocations. Long rhizomes sprout glossy, dark green 3” reniform (kidney or heart-shaped) leaves that exude a spicy,ginger-and-citrus fragrancewhen crushed. Low (4-8”) and spreading out to 3’ in dense mats, this is the ideal understory plant. During Summer, it produces unique, reddish-brown 2” flowers that terminate in three gracefully curved lobes. This wild ginger can tolerateclay soilsand shallow beds, making it among a handful of plants to successfully establish under trees with lateral roots. Though it will tolerate drier conditions, a bit of regular water will maintain a lush appearance. Hardy down to 10°F.

Curious Plantsman

Shade/Pt. Shade
Average Water

Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 7-9