Aster novae-angliae
'Harrington's Pink'

Bursting into bloom just as the dog days of Summer are threatening to suck the oomph from your garden, this TALL New England Aster saves the day! To 3-6’ x 3’, uber-showy clusters of charming 1” narrow rayed soft pink blooms with golden eyes practically smother the tips of each branch stem from late Summer thru Fall. At night, the flowers close but open wide eyed as soon as the sun returns. Deer andrabbit resistant, seaside salt tolerant, the somewhat hairy gray green foliage is vigorous anddisease resistant. An excellent nectar source for butterflies and bees AND a host plant for Field Crescentspot Butterflies. All this easy-to-grow lovely requires is well draining rich soil, average water, sun-mostly sun and a bit of room to spread out. Cut back in late Fall. (For a smaller bushier plant, pinch back stems by late June). Cut flowers galore!

Marti B,
Gardener at Large

Sun/Part Shade
Average Water

USDA zones 4-10