Daviesia latifolia
"Hop Bitter-Pea"

Photo by Tatiana Gerus

Gorgeous sprays of yellow & burgundy pea-shaped flowers make thisrare & unusual shruba showy addition to the low water garden. Growing up to 9’ tall (but usually more like 6’ high & wide), it grows from a mass of slender, semi-weeping stems with attractive egg-shaped, leathery green leaves. In Spring, sprays of tiny (about .5”), lightly scented flowers cascade from the branches. Showy, flattened seedpods follow. Makes a handsome understory shrub planted at the base of taller trees. Native to eastern Australia, the leaves were used medicinally to treat fever & flush out intestinal parasites as well as asubstitute for hopsin beer brewing!Extremely drought tolerant,but may retreat underground if over-stressed & return when watering resumes. Prefers well-draining soil, but will tolerate dry clay if planted on a slope.

Plant Unicorn

Low Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 8-10