Kalanchoe luciae
"Paddle Plant"

Kalanchoe luciae Paddle PlantKalanchoe luciae Paddle Plant
Photos by (Left) Mokkie(Right) Frank Vincentz

Highly sought after! Flat, round, ever-blue-green leaves form dense “paddle cups” that color shift to brilliant red in the Winter. With 6-8”x4-6” paddle cups mounding up to 2’ tall by 3’ wide and spreading by “pups”, it can become an absolutely awesome presence in a dry garden. And you can enhance the spread by harvesting the small offshoots and replanting them. In late Winter/early Spring 2-3’ upright flower spikes with tiers of pretty pale yellow tubular blooms emerge, attracting bees, butterflies and hummingbirds! Since it is monocarpic, older paddle cups die upon blooming to make way for fresh offshoots, so you should always have a healthy clump. Plant in bright light (Full Sun on coast, Part Sun inland) for best color. Drought tolerant once establish, but looks best with some Summer water. Provide well-draining soil. Can take salty, sandy seaside conditions

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Sun (coast)
Pt.Sun (inland)
Low/Avg. water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9-11