Azara dentata

Fantastically fragrant flowers fill the Spring air with the scents of honey and vanilla! Fast and easy, this evergreen shrub from Chile grows to about 10’ high and wide but can be pruned to any size. Boasting unusual, glossy, dark green foliage and an attractive, semi-arching habit, it adds year-round color to the garden and makes a great background subject. Masses of brilliant half-inch yellow flowers appear in airy clusters in Spring, attracting bees and butterflies. Dark red berries follow, much loved by birds. Its roots are non-aggressive, making it safe to plant near utilities, sidewalks and other hardscaping. A good, long-lived choice for partly shady side yards, it tolerates a great deal of moisture as long as the soil drains well. Compost annually for best show.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Shade

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 8-11