Aloe polyphylla
"Spiral Aloe"

Aloe polyshylla Spiral AloeAloe polyshylla Spiral Aloe
Photos by (Left) J. Brew(Right) Leonora Enking

Behold, one of the most sought after succulents in the world!Forming a single, ground-hugging rosette 2-3’ high and wide with grey-green leaves radiating outwards either clockwise or widdershins from a central 5-point star. Not a beginner plant - like all divas, it has needs. Firstly, provide exceptional drainage.Secondly, keep its roots cool. So, for those in the SF Bay Area and up along the coast – you’re good, consider planting on a slope to avoid wet feet. For areas where temps regularly exceed 80 degrees F, it’s a good idea to pot it up in a thick container (wood or glazed ceramic is best) and position in filtered sun until the days cool down. Flowers irregularly in Summer producing a 1’ tall multi-branching spike topped with hummer attracting flowers that vary in color from red to yellow. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant. Super cool.

Aloe polyshylla Spiral Aloe

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Sun
Low water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 7b-10