'Plum Pretty'

Sempervivum Plum Pretty

One of our largest varieties of “Hens and Chicks” with individual rosettes reaching 4-6” across! Spreads quickly via pups to form a dense, succulent groundcover only 3-4” tall. The beautiful sour-apple-green leaves become tipped in purpley-pink as they mature. Cold weather, drought and full sun intensify the blush to a rich, plummy purple. In Summer, mature rosettes elongate upwards using their whole bodies to form conical flower spikes tipped in dense clusters of magenta star-shaped blossoms that open in slow succession for a prolonged bloom season. Makes a beautiful groundcover for low-water gardens or tucked into a container – it’s very tolerant of small, shallow pots so if you’ve got one of those trendy succulent dishes this will fill it in nicely. Deer and drought resistant. Provide good drainage for best health.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Sun
Low Water

Perennial Succulent Groundcover
USDA zones 4-10