'Mistral Pink'

Begonia Mistral Pink

Easy to grow, long lasting yet quick to bloom soft pink flowers with glitterypetals! Hands down the most perfect form for hanging baskets, with evenly spaced semi-trailing stems absolutely smothered in sugary pink outward facing 2” bells, creating a luxurious dense pouf of wow! No kidding, with those dark green leaves highlighting the soft pink blooms, this is a shockingly pretty hanging basket or container specimen for any part shade-full shade spot on your porch or patio and it blooms spring thru fall!Perennial in warm Winter areas or if overwintered indoors, but also totally worth growing as an annual. Provide a well-draining rich soil mixture with plenty of high quality compost and feed it a bit more compost or fish emulsion as the bloom season goes on.

Marti B.,
Gardener at Large


USDA zones 9-11
(annual elsewhere)