Bauhinia tomentosa x natalensis
"Orchid Tree"

Bauhinia tomentosa x natalensis Orchid Tree Bauhinia tomentosa x natalensis Orchid Tree

We are so happy to finally be able to present this super rare, “Orchid Tree” that blooms RELIABLY in the Bay Area! Flowering all season long from mid to late Spring right into Winter with creamy white 3” flowers streaked with a brilliant burgundy stripe down the center of each petal. Forms a 3x4’ shrub with lacy green “butterfly” leaves that close up at night. Beautiful in the ground or a 1/2 wine barrel or other equally large container as a patio plant or in the front of your house for all to envy. May become drought tolerant after several years, but we think the best bet is to give it regular water in rich well-draining soil. It also appreciates a yearly serving of high quality compost! Winter deciduous. Cut back at any time for a bushier, more rounded form.

Marti B,
Gardener at Large

Sun/Part Shade
Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-11