Amaranthus caudatus
‘Emerald Tassels’

Amaranthus caudatus Emerald Tassels

Super quick growing and crazy-beautiful, with 2’ long lime green flower tassels, it adds spellbinding dazzle to a bed or large container in almost no time! Reaching its full 4-5.5’ height in just about a month, this old-fashioned stunner sends dangling ropes of densely packed ½” bloom poms cascading down thru its big-leaved tropicalesque foliage from mid-Summer thru to the very end of Fall. Of course it makes the most awesome addition to cut flower arrangements (and dried flower displays!). Happily re-seeds and is slim enough in size (2-2.5’) that you can always find a place for it! Provide a sunny spot (part shade in hot areas) in rich well-draining soil and give it regular water, especially during the hot months. A bit of high quality compost is always appreciated! (If situated in a windy spot it may need support, but ours do fine without it).

Marti B.,
Gardener at Large

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