Echeveria setosa deminuta
"Firecracker Plant"

Echeveria setosa deminuta Firecracker Plant

Fabulously fuzzy blue-green 1-3” rosettes form dense, weed suppressing colonies. Commonly called “Firecracker Plant” for its explosion of vibrant, hummer-attracting, yellow and red bi-color blooms that emerge on upright stalks in the Spring, the flowers last well into Summer, providing a brilliant contrast with the pale foliage. An excellent container specimen – it’s not picky about pot size, making it choice for low-water terrariums. One of the easiest plants you can grow and an excellent choice for beginning and experienced gardeners alike – just provide good drainage and occasional water for a happy plant. Protect from frost.

Plant Unicorn

Low/Avg. water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9b-12