Helianthus gracilentus “Slender Sunflower”   

Helianthus gracilientus “Slender Sunflower”Helianthus gracilientus “Slender Sunflower”

form photo: © David Keil

Native to the central & south coast of California, this wonderful perennial Sunflower is very DROUGHT TOLERANT & DEER RESISTANT. Even with no Summer water (after it’s established), its foliage remains a fresh green thru the Fall. Quite refined with its slender branching stems, it will bear hundreds of cheery, 2”, bright yellow, chocolate scenteddaisies May to October. Semi-deciduous along the coast. Hardy down to zone 7, where it returns each Spring after freezing. Excellent habitat plant & much loved by butterflies. To 2-6' high & 3-6' wide.


Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 7-10