'Jelly Bean Dark Pink'

Mimulus Jelly Bean Dark Pink

Thanks to the patient breeding of the late, great Richard Persoff, the gardening world can enjoy this flamboyant and garden friendly Mimulus hybrid. Brilliant 1-2” orange-throated, dark rosey pink flowers edged in white bloom almost non-stop all year! Thriving on drought and neglect, this ultra-showy California native evergreen shrub grows to a woody 2’ tall and wide with dark, shiny green leaves. Flowering most abundantly from earliest Spring into Summer – the show will continue throughout the year with deadheading and occasional water. Be sure to provide good drainage and keep watering to a minimum once established. Loved by hummers, bees, and butterflies. Prune to about 1’ in Winter for best form.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Bright Shade
Low/No Summer Water

CA Native
Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-11