Crassula ovata
"Jade Plant"

Crassula ovata Hobbit Jade Plant

One of the easiest plants you can grow! This effortless beauty thrives in any soil, any sun situation, indoors, outdoors, ground, pot – it really doesn’t care! No doubt named for its unusual leaves that curl under, forming slightly open tubes – similar to a hobbit’s ear. This unique cultivar also shares its namesake’s shorter stature, reaching a manageable 3’ tall by 2’ wide, unlike other “Jade Plants” that can become monstrously large. Can be left to grow naturally as a rounded shrub, or trained as a super easy bonsai-esque specimen! Bloom time varies depending on climate, but boy-howdy it’s a sight to behold when clusters of pale pink, star-shaped blooms almost completely obscure the foliage. Provide good drainage if possible – though it tolerates clay just fine if it’s not over-watered. Protect from frost.

Plant Unicorn

Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9-10