'Strawberry Blonde'

Sunflower Strawberry Blonde

New for 2016! Possibly the girliest Sunflower you can grow!With creamy, pale yellow petals boasting a ring of rosey-pink – all contrasting beautifully with one of the darkest, most chocolatey disks we’ve seen! Forms a multi-branching, narrow plant up to 6’ tall with NUMEROUS 6” wide flowers on long stems-  perfect for bringing color to the Summer/Fall garden, vase and plate. Did I say plate? Yeah I did! Most people don’t know this but Sunflowers are actually edible. I’m not talking about the seeds, but the flowers themselves. The petals can be used in salads and the buds can be breaded and fried! Mmmmm, fried... Provide plenty of sunshine and rich, airy soil for the biggest, most floriferous display.

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