Beneficial Bug Garden
Seed Bomb Gift Set

Seed Bomb Gift Set

Grow a bomb-diggity garden while attracting loads of beneficial garden friends! This collection of three seed bomb sets are specially geared toward attracting bees, butterflies, and ladybugs with bold, bloomiferous combinations of easy-to-grow flowers! Each sweet muslin pouch contains 5 gumball-sized “bombs” chockablock full of seed and nutrients to start them on their path to awesomeness. Makes an amazing gift or stocking stuffer for all ages – or scatter them in your own yard or guerrilla bomb your friends and neighbors. It’s sure to be a blast either way!

5 Butterfly Bombs: Indian Blanket, Painted Daisy and Zinnia.
5 Ladybug Bombs: Cosmos, Marigold and Calendula.
5 Bee Bombs: Toadflax (Baby Snapdragon), Echinacea and Black-Eyed Susan.

3 Pouches
5 Bombs/Pouch