Bidens laevis
"Joaquin Sunflower"

Bidens laevis Joaquin Sunflower

THRIVING IN HEAVY CLAY this widespread American native perennial is a fantastic bee, butterfly and bird magnet! Naturally variable in height, our plants are clones of a big, bushy plant to 5’ tall and 4’ across. Very showy in bloom with a profusion of 3” bright yellow daisies from late Summer thru Fall. Nice looking prior to bloom time too, with its densely branching upright form and pretty slender emerald green foliage. Though it’s often found along waterways  we’ve found that it’s happy as a clam planted in heavy, non-draining clay with only occasional water to keep it from drying out. Goes deciduous in Winter and returns in late Spring.


Full Sun
Low water/Moist

USDA zones 6-10