(Athyrium angustum forma rubellum)
'Lady in Red'

Athyrium angustum forma rubellum 'Lady in Red'
Photo courtesy of Karl Gercens

Burgundy stemscontrast beautifully with lime-green leaves on this compact “Lady Fern”. Forms a dense upright clump 2.5’ high & 3’ wide with bright lacy foliage that always looks fresh & attractive. An excellent way to add texture & colorto the shady depths of the garden, it performs best in rich, moist, well-draining, humusy soil. Burgundy coloration on the stems generally shows up after a year or two. Makes a lovely container specimen. Cut to the ground at any time to refresh. Winter dormant.

Plant Unicorn

Part Shade/Shade
Avg. water/Moist

USDA zones 4-8