(Asplenium bulbiferum)

"Hen & Chicken Fern"

Aslpenium bulbiferum "Hen and Chicken Fern"Aslpenium bulbiferum "Hen and Chicken Fern"
Photos by Alex Lomas

A wonderful choice for the shade garden or as a houseplant! Named for the way it produces itty-bitty baby ferns on its leaves before depositing them onto the ground to grow, this evergreen ferngrows up to 2’ tall and 4’ across, with airy arching foliage. Its lacy form adds beautiful texture and dramato the garden. Consistently moist soil is the key to success with this plant, making it a perfect choice for a foggy coastal garden, or at the edge of a stream or water feature. Provide well-draining soil for a happy plant!

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USDA zones 9-11