Basil herbalea
'Wild Magic'

Basil herbalea 'Wild Magic'

A BRAND NEWbasil that you simply must try! Boasting exceptional flavor, fruity fragrance, and amazing longevity. Doesn’t need as much heat as most varieties to thrive making it an excellent choice for areas with cool summers. Reaches about 16” high and wide with new growth coming in purpley-black then lightening to a rich green. This variety is sterile so while you won’t get any seedlings from it you will get a HUGEnumber of delicious upright magenta flower spikes that are perfect for making teas, attracting bees, and using in fragrant floral arrangements. Best of all, the leaves don’t become bitter when flowering begins so you can keep harvesting all Summer long! Highly recommended by the Bay Area edibles expert Pam Peirce. Perfect for a container (minimum 3 gallon pot for best growth).

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Sun
Average water

Annual Herb
USDA zones 9-11