Echium fastuosum
'Blue Dwarf'

"Dwarf Pride of Madeira"

Echium fastuosum 'Blue Dwarf' "Dwarf Pride of Madeira"
Photo courtesy of Andy Blackledge

Say WHAT?!  New for 2015, a DWARF SELECTIONof the much-loved Pride of Madeira. A miracle for all you folks who’ve long admired those beautiful spires but didn’t have the room for the full-sized version! Reaching only 3-4’ tall & wide you can fit it in almost any situation including smaller dry gardens, rock gardens & even parking strips. Truly a sight to behold in late Spring when a multitude of chubby 2-3’ tall dense cobalt-blue flower spikes emerge from the tips of the branches attracting swarms of butterflies, hummers, & bees. Practically zero-maintenance in coastal conditions!Clay tolerant, but longer lived with excellent drainage. Provide some protection from hot afternoon sun in warmer inland areas. Sandy, nutrient-poor soil is a-okay too! Self-sows!


Sun/Part Sun
Avg./Low to No Summer Water

Perennial shrub
USDA zones 9-11