Book - How to Survive A Gnome Attack
By Chuck Sambuchino

We’ve all seen them. They stand there with their happy little rosey-cheeked faces and pointy hats PRETENDING to do yard work. Pushing a wheelbarrow - but never going anywhere! Sitting on a swing - but just staring blankly ahead! Even pretending to fish IN THE MIDDLE OF A LAWN! What could their true motivation be? After years of research Chuck Sambuchino finally reveals the truth - all those years of standing and watching has just been a prelude to attack! His book “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack” may very well be the key to your survival. It will help you to identify the signs of a gnome invasion, how to prepare yourself and your home, and exactly which weapons will be most useful against those tiny terracotta terrors. So lock your doggy doors, buy some Wellies, take your shovel in hand, and prepare yourself - for garden warfare!

112 pages