Glebionis coronaria

Chrysanthemum coronarium "Garland Chrysanthemum"

A very popular annual herb in Japan and China. Parboil the whole leaves for 20-30 seconds until the leaves look soft, then let them cool. You can then add a sesame salad dressing, or add to soups, savory sakyaki, tempura or yosenabe. Very young leaves can be used raw in salads or sprinkled on soups. The flowers can be used as garnish or dried for flavoring teas. In Japan, some people dip the flowers in sake and eat them at the beginning of a meal to confer good health and long life. Easy to grow in full sun, the plant can get 4’ tall if you let it - but keep it low and well picked for young material in the Spring and in the Fall (older leaves and Summer greens are not used.)

Annie J

Full Sun
Avg. Water

Annual Herb
All Zones