Abutilon Palmeri

Abutilon palmeri

A fuzzy-leaved Abutilon for the blistering sun!Adorable 1” yellow flowers bloom almost all year, but most abundantly in Spring & Summer, bringing in a variety of native bees & butterflies. Grows quickly to form a rounded shrub 4-5’ tall & wide. Velvety grey-green heart-shaped leaves will have you aching to pet them, but try to resist because they can cause skin irritation for some people. Native to Southern California, this plant can really take the heat, so for gardens in cooler areas it’s a good idea to plant by a wall or sidewalk where it can get reflected heat. For gardens in really hotareas, a bit of shade will keep it looking its best. Generally evergreen, this plant can go “stress deciduous” if it gets too dry in Summer or too cold in Winter and MAY loose its leaves, but they’ll come right back when conditions improve. Plant in well-draining soil for a happy plant & prune after flowering for a full & bushy form.


Sun/Part Sun
Low water

USDA zones 9-11