'Paul Hernandez'

Begonia 'Paul Hernandez'Begonia 'Paul Hernandez'

Looking for a quick-to-grow, XXL exotic that provides year 'round focal fascination? Meet 'Paul Hernandez' - he's tall, handsome, evergreen (& ever-red!) Grows up to 6' tall & wide (with reports of 10' heights occurring in ideal circumstances) with enormous (to 2' across!) leaves, the bumpy-textured tops of which are glossy & avocado-colored, threaded through with crimson veining. The under-sides show a vivid red that’ll glow through when backlit - stunning! As if the foliage wasn’t spectacular enough, when it’s time to bloom - in Winter & then again in the Spring - massive (to 1' across) panicles are covered in hundreds of pink/white blooms sporting startling yellow stamens. A real showstopper in a semi-shady bed, or in large container - if you’re in for a serious cold spell, it’s probably a good idea to bring 'Paul' inside to keep warm! (Growing in a pot, of course will substantially limit the size & speed of the plant's growth.) Provide a bit of compost & regular water with GOOD drainage - soggy roots just won’t do!


Part shade/
A.M. Sun
Avg. water

USDA zones 9-11