Antirrhinum majus
'Chantilly Bronze'

Antirrhinum majus Chantilly Bronze

Frilly, old-fashioned "butterfly" blooms (these Snapdragons' mouths are WIDE open, not snapped shut!) with an exquisitely shifting color palette - from goldens, pinks & oranges to deep red - create STRONG& tall enduring vertical interest in a garden bed or a flower arrangement. The strapping 3' stems maintain their upright stance, even under a bounty of delicately-scented, long-lasting blooms, from Spring all the way through Autumn. After the first bloom, cut 'em back (to about 8") to make way for the next round! You’ll get the best show with regular water, rich soil and a not-too-hot Summer - in milder climates, this annual often shows itself to be a short-lived perennial. Ours have proven to be very mite & rust resistant, too!


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