'Small Shining Light'

Mysterious and delicious! An heirloom Russian 'ice-box' watermelon with a deep, purplish-green rind & super sweet ruby-red flesh, you won't find this gem at the grocery store. Fruits are usually 10 lbs or more on robust vines & hold their flavor for about 2 weeks after harvest. 'Small Shining Light' is a short season melon, which grows very well for me in San Leandro, but may take longer than the typical 80 - 90 days to harvest in cooler parts of the Bay Area. Ripe when the stem browns, the skin toughens up & the pale spot underneath yellows. Will do best in rich soil (raised beds are perfect) in a warm location.

- Corina

Avg. water

Annual vegetable
USDA zones 6-10