Antirrhinum majus
"Fruit Punch"

Antirrhinum majus "Fruit Punch"


Oh, SNAP! This lofty, LONG-BLOOMING, lovely Snapdragon brings vibrant, vertical excitement with clusters of showy, flaring, pink to reddish-orange blooms that cover sturdy stems (to 3' tall) from mid-Spring thru Fall! This taller variety extends from dark green, lance-shaped foliage that spreads to 18' wide - how tremendous would this look planted in a border or cutting garden with contrasting blue Delphinium 'Bellamosum'? 'Chantilly Fruit Punch' is refreshing in a large container (5+ gallons), too! Bred to be rust-resistant, you can further this cause by avoiding overhead watering. For the best & longest show, deadhead spent blooms, plant in moist, well-draining soil & pick a sunny spot. In milder climates, Antirrhinums can overwinter - multiple times!







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