Book: The Beautiful Edible Garden
By Leslie Bennett and Stefani Bittner

Want to grow food, but don't want your yard to look like a farm?

Authors Leslie Bennett and Stefani Bittner, the fresh and fabulous masterminds behind San Francisco's Star Apple Edible + Fine Gardening and the authors of The Beautiful Edible Garden have a knack for making veggies and ornamentals sing together in perfect harmony. Their book is a treasure trove of how to design, plant and (ok - here's the important part:) MAINTAIN your edible landscape. They cover how to design front yards, backyards, teeny-weeny side yards and even window-boxes. No matter what size your space - if you want to garden with food beautifully, you'll find some easy to implement tips you can use right away. They're also big fans of our edibles here at Annie's, and you'll see lots of our offerings in its pages!

Book: 211 pages