'Glass Gem'
(Zea mays)

Zea mays 'Glass Gem'

A DAZZLING, ultra-rare HEIRLOOM CORN. Produces outrageously gorgeous edible ears with kernels in endless kaleidoscopic colors varying from ultra-brilliant jewel tones to delicate pastels. When dried the kernels remain slightly translucent & highly ornamental. We’ve been hoarding our favorite ears for years & they never fail to impress! Not just a looker, though – this type of Flint Corn makes a marvelous meal or POPCORN! Originally bred by Carl Barnes, a Cherokee farmer with a knack for corn breeding. His efforts created this wondrous, WATER-SPARING cultivar that is in SUCH HIGH DEMAND!  Grows to 6’ tall - plant 6-12” apart. Ears are ripe when the husk turns brown. Each cob is a brilliant surprise when opened! Save your favorite kernels & plant them next year for color variations that are uniquely yours.

Mr. Fancy Plants

Avg. water

Annual Vegetable
All zones
110 days to harvest