Aloe rupestris
"Bottlebrush Aloe"

Aloe rupestris "Bottlebrush Aloe" Aloe rupestris "Bottlebrush Aloe"
photo courtesy of Eric in San Francisco photo courtesy of Brian Gratwicke


RARE & EXOTIC, this native South African tree Aloe steadily stretches to great heights - with single stalks growing to 18'! It’s a great way to add evergreen, vertical fascination & dramatic mid-Winter color to your garden. Young plants display parallel rows of juicy, deep-green leaves edged by red teeth that gradually mature into a sturdy trunk, topped by a spiraling rosette that produces Candelabra-like 4' stalks covered in a bright yellow-to-gold-to-red “flame” of tiny blooms, appearing in the Winter. Birds, bees & butterflies agree: it’s impossible to resist! Though drought tolerant, regular Summer water will pay off in steady growth (expect a gain of 1-2' per year) - which may eventually require a bit of support for the stalk. Well-draining soil is a must! This is an excellent choice for water-wise gardeners - dry, rocky slopes pose no problems for "Bottlebrush Aloe." Said to be hardy to 25 degrees F, it’s still best to avoid planting in areas with prolonged periods of frost.




Avg./Low water

USDA zones 9-11