Eggplant 'White Patio'
Solanum oviferum

Eggplant 'White Patio' Solanum oviferum

Glowing, matte ivory, 3" eggplants dangle from an upright, branching plant bred especially for container culture. Unquestionably fascinating as it looks like a little Easter egg tree 2-3' tall and 30" across,easily bearing 20-50 fruits at a time hanging from the branches on short stems. Lovely, wavy edged, soft green, spineless leaves complete the attraction and so do the purple blossoms. You can harvest them for eating when they ripen into a golden color (they're a favorite in Laotian recipes). Do plant in good soil with compost added in a large container – 10+ gal – and don't allow to get too dry for best health. 65 days to maturity.


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